Mission statements are SO helpful in making all kinds of decisions - does this choice or path support my mission? No? Then let’s save time and not make that choice or head down that path - let’s take a path that supports what I think I’m doing here.  Where do I want to put my energy?    What do I want?  Now - What do I REALLY want?  What do I really want to spend my time and energy doing?  How do I really want to be in my life?

    A Vision Statement is a verbal statement of how we will bring our Mission into the world at any given time.  Vision statements change as we change, as we grow, as our lives change.  Values Statements and Mission Statements remain the same - Visions change as our perspectives change.

    For the last several years I’ve been privileged to join the staff at the International Women’s Writing Guild conference “Remember the Magic” held at Skidmore College to present a workshop on Personal Mastery.  During the week of the conference you can create Values, Mission and Vision Statements for your life.

    I also offer private workshops and personal mentoring in the art and practice of personal mastery in your life.


    There are many facets and aspects to Mastery as a path in life, of course.  Each of us has our own path and purpose.  Each exploration is individual and personal.

    One of the first explorations a master makes is a review of Values.  We all make decisions through our own value system.  Often we are not consciously aware of the values we actually live and use  - we are only aware of the ones we would like to think we live.  Surprise.  Reviewing our Values, actually putting them on paper and defining what they mean to us, is a clarifying experience.

    Using our personal values, we make a Mission Statement - sort of an overview of our purpose for coming here to Planet Earth.  The interesting thing about mission statements is how clearly everything fits - “So THAT’s why I had that job for six months when I was just starting out, so THAT’s why that person was in my life...”