A Reiki Master is a person who has felt a call to be able to share the ability to do Reiki with others.  The function of a Master is to maintain a personal Reiki practice, to teach classes and attune students in the first and second levels of Reiki, and if so called, to train other Masters in the Usui System of Natural Healing - Reiki.

A Traditional Teaching Master of the Usui System of Natural Healing - Reiki -

is a person who has been trained and initiated in the original traditions of the Usui System, and whose personal and professional live is committed to this healing art and the lifestyle it engenders.  A Traditional Teaching Master has been prepared to teach and initiated by an elder Master who adheres to these traditions.

Master Training in the Usui System of Natural Healing is usually conducted over a minimum three year period of time, in the form of an apprenticeship to an elder training Master.  The Master Candidate will both sponsor and attend as many Reiki classes as possible, absorbing the teachings by being there, adhering to the oral tradition. 

The Usui System of Natural Healing - Reiki Master is held as an oral tradition.  Even though books have been written about every phase of Reiki training and practice, no book can convey the essence of Reiki, which has to be experienced, has to be felt.  The transformation of energy that happens in Reiki a class, from both the initiations and the practice, cannot be explained in words, it has to be experienced.  The energetic transformation begins with the story of Reiki, continues throughout the class, for some time after, and as long as the student maintains his or her own practice.

Reiki is transmitted in person so that each student has a personal relationship with a Master for support in their practice of Reiki.  The Master is available for questions as long as the student remains a student of that Master.

Master Training requires a Candidate to maintain a Reiki practice, both personally and professionally (giving treatments), and to be working on what is termed “personal mastery” - which means being in integrity at all times.

“What is the Masterful thing to do?” becomes a constant question, until the concept is internalized as the approach for all decisions for dealing with the world.  This practice is a path, a daily attitude (as in trajectory), not a goal that is reached at any particular time.  We all do the best we can from where ever we are, and if we fall short of our own expectations, we begin again. 

A Master’s Path came about after the many branches started appearing on the Reiki tree.  It occurred to me that the common language we in the Reiki world had enjoyed for many years was no longer a given.  Many changes had occurred in Reiki training and Mastery.  The parts of Master training that we had all taken for granted were no longer safely assumed or necessarily part of a Master’s training in another lineage.  Other lineages formed with their own understanding of what was important in teaching.

I felt a deep calling to write about the Master journey I had taken, from buying my first Reiki treatment at a Waldorf School auction, through my training and apprenticeship, on to training and initiating Masters as part of my calling in Reiki.  I took a summer “off” to get the basic book on paper, and then worked on finishing it over the rest of that year.

Many of my Candidates traveled with me for parts of this journey. I initiated my first Candidate while he sat on a rock in the Pacific Ocean, next to a monastery in Bali.  He taught his first official class in a leper community.  Neither one of us could have imagined a setting more filled with joy. Since then, I have trained and initiated eighteen Traditional Teaching Masters of Reiki from many countries around the world.

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